Freestyle ice time is available during the week for figure skaters just starting out or those established skaters.  You do not have to be a member of the Keene Figure Skating Club to skate on freestyle ice. But you must be a member of US Figure Skating or Learn to Skate USA.

Freestyle Times

FALL/WINTER 22/23- Enrollment Closed

Day Dates Time Cost Keene FSC Member Price
Mondays- 9wks Nov 7th-Jan 2nd 6:25-7:55pm (90 Mins) $207 $198
Wednesdays- 10wks Nov 2nd- Jan4th 3:30-4:20pm $160 $150
12/28- 4:30 & 5:30pm   4:30-5:20pm $160 $150
Saturdays- 8wks Nov 5th- Jan 7th 7:30-8:20am $128 $120
NO ICE 12/24 & 12/31   8:30-9:20am $128 $120

Winter Session 2023- Enroll HERE

Day Dates Time Cost Keene FSC Member Price
Mondays- 11wks Jan 9th-March 20th 6:25-7:55pm (90 Mins) $253 $242
Wednesdays- 10wks Jan 11th- March 15th 3:30-4:20pm $160 $150
    4:30-5:20pm $160 $150
Saturdays- 9wks Jan 14th- March 11th 7:30-8:20am $144 $135
    8:30-9:20am $144 $135

Winter Freestyle contracts are available.  Walk on rate for 50 min sessions is $17, walk on rate for 90 min session is $24. NO HALF HOUR RATES.  Purchase Fall/Winter contracts HERE

Please check Full Freestyle Schedule for additional Freestyle times.

Interested in private lessons for your skater email

Check out the Coaches we have available for private lessons! Updated Available Coaches 10-28-22

Code of Conduct During Freestyle Sessions

1. All skaters must check in and pay before skating. Skaters not checked in will be asked to leave the ice.
2. All skaters must clear the ice when the resurfacer enters the ice.
3. Program and lesson skaters have the right of way. Please be aware of the skaters around you.
4. No talking in the middle of the rink. Move to the boards when you are not actively working.
5. No food or drink on the ice surface.
6. In order to keep the ice clear, coaches should try to stay on the perimeter.
7. Skaters should exhibit a cooperative attitude to each other and avoid confrontation.
8. Lower level skaters should be aware of faster skaters and more advanced skaters should act as role models for lower level skaters.
9. Any conflicts should be addressed to the Skating Director or rink management and any action will be taken at the discretion of the management.